UF has more than a goal to establish itself as one of the nation's best public research universities. It has a plan. It's backed by nearly a billion dollars. It starts with a hiring spree of catalysts who will speed the rise of strong programs toward best in class. Learn about what we are doing and how you can join us on this journey of transformation.

Sound interesting?

Preeminence is official validation of what Gators have known all along - that the University of Florida stands out.

It starts with an investment in expertise. Through the remarkable productivity of our faculty, we've achieved excellence with fewer resources than our peers.

We can build on that now with new state money. We'll use it to hire as many as 100 more faculty members. Meanwhile, the UF Foundation intends to fund 107 new endowed professorships and chairs.

We'll channel the brain gain into places where a few more brilliant minds can make us a national leader or fortify our position at the top. It will strengthen our work in health, agriculture, Latin American studies, computing, archaeology, early childhood education, and much more.

Raising our national standing will attract the most promising students. It will boost the value of a UF degree already recognized as one of the nation's best returns on investment by The Wall Street Journal's SmartMoney magazine.

Rising helps us recruit the most talented faculty, compete for more federal research grants, and spin off more successful startup companies that add momentum to the state's recovering economy. It leads us to unfathomable scientific breakthroughs that improve people's lives.

The foundation's fundraising will also support creation of a campus worthy of the newly arrived scholars and students. Part of the $800 million raised in the next three years will contribute to a new chemistry building to replace outdated labs, an upgrade of our domed home of champions, a new medical education building, an undergraduate business school building, an expanded butterfly house, and an early childhood education facility to support research on developing human potential.

In officially designating UF a preeminent state public research university, the Legislature and governor have charged us with leading the online revolution in higher education. In 2014, we'll launch the first fully online four-year bachelor's degree programs at a Florida public university.

The Legislature also granted UF authority to build a common four-course curriculum to ensure every Gator degree signifies not only technical proficiency but skills such as writing, problem solving and teamwork that are in high demand in every field. We've already launched the first of these courses, "What is the Good Life?" Because every freshman takes it, it's likely the largest course in UF history.

That's how we're rising. How high will depend on you.

UF Is Rising

UF Rising

UF is identifying, recruiting, and hiring faculty capable of taking on the biggest challenges. We want to lead efforts to feed the world, to lift a continent out of poverty, and to have data serve us, not overwhelm us. We're focusing our brain gain in areas where we can make the most impact to move all of UF in the same direction: upward.


Faculty Are Soaring

We plan to hire as many as 130 new faculty. We'll support both our newcomers and existing faculty with 107 more endowed faculty chairs and professorships. Meet some of our new faculty additions and the distinguished colleagues with whom they will collaborate.

Faculty Bios

Initiatives Are Launching

The $15 million in annual state preeminence funding will pave the way for more powerful learning and unprecedented research success. Take a look at the newly expanded list of research areas President Machen has chosen to fund with the state money.




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How UF Rises with Your Support

UF's elevation in the national standings will take a team effort. That's why the University of Florida Foundation has launched an $800 million fund-raising campaign in support of UF Rising. Your contributions to this effort can enhance research, classroom experiences and outreach opportunities that enable UF to improve the lives of Floridians and others the university serves.

You can help create endowed faculty positions and scholarships that will enable UF to attract and retain the most talented faculty and students. You'll also have a hand in improving UF's position when competing for large federal research grants and contracts.

You can help UF rise today!